These links are to articles not considered part of the Psychology course, but of interest to those who may want to read more broadly on related topics.


Cross-dressing, adolescent exploration and risk taking, and long-term consequences (and a Muppet video)

Procrastinate much?

So, it's actually good to feel sad, guilty, angry or greedy?

Social Pressure to conform, Case study: Cookie Monster changes his identity

Facebook and Psychology

Do you "like" too many things on Facebook, and what does this tell others abut your personality?

The Seven Sins of Facebook - are you inadvertently hurting yourself or others?

Does what you share on the internet expose you to ridicule and bullying? Choose carefully.

Studying Psychology

Why study child development?
Some people think Psychology isn't real science, it's just "common sense". Are they right?

Decision-making. Before you act on something published as "scientific research", check what other research on the topic says. Overlooking complexity can lead to simplistic (inaccurate?) findings. (People believed for years that Spinach contained enormous amounts of iron...because the researchers had the decimal point in the wrong place.)