General information
By completing the reading and questions on these wiki pages, you will learn key information relating to the topics listed.
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Write a list of these topics in your book before you start, and tick the topic when you have completed that page.


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Read the whole page before starting any activity: you could waste time if you miss an important instruction.
Some of the activities require you to make comments and/ or answer questions. Please do so on paper, and hand these in to your teacher.

Please remember that this is a school assignment, and use respectful language.

You can work at your own pace, and work ahead if you choose. Each page contains approximately 1 hour of tasks. Some people will complete them much faster than this. You can complete the pages at home, or from any internet-connected computer.

When you have completed the required tasks, tell your teacher.

Open the linked readings in a new tab. Otherwise, when you have finished with the page at the link, you will need to click the "back" arrow to come back to this wiki, and complete the Tasks.

The linked internet pages contain some advertising and other links that are not relevant. If you choose to investigate any of these, please do so outside class time.

While you are reading, make some notes to refer to later.

If you have any questions about what you are reading, you can:
1 Ask someone else in the room, including the Teacher (fastest!)
2 Do some more research using the text book or other relevant internet sites to find the answer.